Any occasion cakes Team

Hayley Sheldon - Business Owner
Whatever the occasion, we can create bespoke cakes to suit! From traditional christening cakes and birthday cakes, right up to the latest trend in wedding cupcakes, we can provide tasty handmade cakes to your exact specifications. Any Occasion Cakes is Led by cake maker extraordinaire Hayley, who has gained years of experience in cake design and handmade bespoke cakes.


Donna has been creating cakes for 14 years and specialises in creating amazing creations for birthdays weddinngs christening and many other events. She ensures you have your dream cake for any party.

We specialize in hand made cakes for any occasion that you, the client, may have in mind. We offer a variety of cakes ranging from wedding cakes, birthday cakes, christening cakes, cupcakes, and eggless wedding cakes. These are just but some of the cakes we offer, we offer countless other custom made cakes as per the request of the client.

Ensuring that the client gets satisfactory services improves our relations with the clientele base. Our cakes are designed and developed by individuals who are uniquely skilled in this niche. All the cakes are hand made, making each one of them unique. Most of our competitors will freeze their cakes, use cake mixes, add bases to their cakes, use bought in cakes, or outsource for certain services in the cake production process. We pride ourselves in the fact that all our our cakes are made from scratch, from the design to the baking process, within our cake studio. This ensures that our products are like no other products offered by our competitors. This is particularly important since we expect to involve our clients in ways that not only satisfy their quality expectations.

Whichever cake you may be looking for, be sure that we at have the right cake for you. Be it wedding cakes, birthday cakes, christening cakes, adult cakes, cupcakes, wedding cupcakes, or eggless wedding cakes, we always have something that will make your event glamorous.